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organic coffee alternative

love your gut!

if coffee & tea had a baby and it was good for you, meet nuJo!

nuJo. all the things.

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roasted root brew
what is nuJo

100% organic roasted quinoa, chicory root and superfood spices combined with MCT coconut oil to deliver a serious health boost and nourish your mind, body & soul.

nuJo has a refined flavor profile with a robust, full-mouth feel and mellow flavor while being 100% caffeine free & gluten free.

you will definitely feel good about helping yourself to another delicious cup of ‘Jo, hot or iced, anytime!

all the flavor.

all the convenience.

all the health.

plant based | sugar-free | caffeine-free | gluten-free | low carb | 10 calories | prebiotic superfood

what fuels nuJo

roasted quinoa benefits

anti-inflammatory ⦁ anti-viral ⦁ high in antioxidants ⦁ reduces blood sugar levels (low glycemic index) ⦁ lowers cholesterol ⦁ supports weight loss (increases satiety)

chicory root benefits

anti-viral ⦁ aids in digestion ⦁ improves heart health ⦁ helps prevent cancer ⦁ boosts immunity ⦁ reduces anxiety ⦁ supports weight loss ⦁ glycemic index of zero

allspice benefits

anti-viral ⦁ improves brain function ⦁ improves gut health ⦁ promotes weight loss ⦁ antimicrobial antifungal effects ⦁ supports weight and fat loss

orange peel & mct coconut oil benefits

anti-viral ⦁ improves brain function ⦁ improves gut health ⦁ promotes weight loss ⦁ antimicrobial antifungal effects ⦁ supports weight and fat loss⦁ anti-inflammatory ⦁ boosts immunity ⦁ helps prevent cancer ⦁ helps regulate blood sugar levels ⦁ boosts eye health ⦁ enhances digestive health

cloves benefits

anti-viral ⦁ regulates blood sugar ⦁ improves digestion ⦁ enhances immune system ⦁ protects the liver ⦁ relieves stress ⦁ cures headaches ⦁ anti-inflammatory ⦁ anti-carcinogenic ⦁ antibacterial
roasted quinoa

gluten free nongmo seed, believed to be sacred and has been eaten in south america for thousands of years. this plant food is high in protein, and contains all nine essential amino acids along with being high in fiber and magnesium.

chicory root

a woody member of the dandelion family that looks and tastes similar to coffee once the root is ground and brewed. this root is high in inulin, a prebiotic fiber, and has been used as a herbal remedy for many diseases for hundreds of years. this is a nongmo species.

all spice

the unripe, dried berry of a small evergreen shrub called pimento was originally grown in jamaica, southern mexico and central america. eugenol contained in allspice has been found to reduce digestive issues and can help you get a good nights sleep!

orange peel

the healthiest part of the entire fruit, the orange peel is rich in flavonoids and other phytochemicals along with nearly twice the vitamin c as the orange flesh.

coconut oil

medium-chain triglyceride oil, contains medium-length chains of fats called triglycerides. these mcts are easily digested with 10% less calories than lcts (think olive oils & nuts) and can be used as an instant source of energy.


grown as the flower buds of the tree indigenous to east asian countries, clove aids in the digestive process by stimulating secretion of digestive enzymes.

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for helping us change the world one cup at a time. 10% of all proceeds go directly to National Angels to help support foster children in the U.S.